Surrey, 30 October 2014 –

New reference: Stubbs, D., “A Message from London to Tokyo in the Environmental Aspect of the Olympics”, Environmental Research Quarterly, 175, pp 9-13, The Hitachi Environment Foundation, Japan, 2014.

The Environmental Research Quarterly has been published by the Hitachi Environment Foundation since 1972 and features the latest trends in environmental issues such as “environmental policies”, “global warming”, “new technologies”, “biodiversity”, and “education” as well as topics on foreign environmental laws. (only in Japanese).

This is the English language abstract:

London’s approach to environmental management was embodied in the wider concept of Sustainability. This was a consistent theme throughout the London 2012 project from the earliest stages of bidding for the right to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games and all the way through planning, remediation, construction, operations, dissolution and transition to legacy mode. London 2012 achieved its sustainability goals by remaining true to its original vision, integrating sustainability into its management systems and procurement policies, and setting challenging targets that were continually monitored and independently assured. This approach provided a strong foundation for legacy. This applies across all the venues, infrastructure and greenspace originally built for the Games and has stimulated significant urban regeneration in East London, creating jobs and business growth. There is also a strong knowledge legacy through the influence of best practices, methodologies and standards. This is influencing future Games and the global events sector.

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