What I Do

I provide independent advisory services to major projects and organisations on how to develop and implement effective and credible sustainability programmes.

Having been responsible for the development and operation of the Sustainability Programme for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games throughout the nine-year project life-cycle, I know what it takes to do sustainability at a large scale in a high-profile, fast-paced and continually changing organisation with fixed budgets and timelines, and under close public, media and political scrutiny.

While the London Games are an increasingly distant memory, I have continued in this field through my on-going advisory work for the International Olympic Committee, as well as other global institutions such as the World Economic Forum. In this way I am able to build on my London 2012 experience and continue to learn from present day situations.

As an independent expert I can bring a fresh and objective perspective to your programme coupled with a professional lifetime of experience and insight.

I have strong capabilities in strategic policy, governance and programme development and delivery; sustainability management systems; issues and risk management; monitoring and assurance; reporting; stakeholder engagement and communications.

My primary expertise is in helping organisations to integrate sustainability into their business culture, processes, products and promotional activities.  I have specific experience in sustainable sourcing and supply chain management, biodiversity, carbon management, sustainable food and waste management.

I have extensive experience in dealing with decision makers and opinion formers among politicians, public authorities, businesses, specialist organisations and the media. I have given numerous public presentations and media interviews, written articles, reports and peer-reviewed papers, and managed critical stakeholder relations.

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