London 27 November 2015 –

A pre-Christmas treat for all those interested in the real legacy story of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – on Saturday 12 December 2015 the University of East London will be hosting a special debate on the subject and to mark the publication of the London 2012 Olympic Games Impact (OGI) study.

The OGI study is a long-term impact evaluation tracking a series of environmental, social and economic indicators from the time London started bidding for the Games (2003) up until now, three years after the Games.

The project was conceived by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and carried out by independent research partners within Olympic host cities/countries. London is the first Summer Games host city to have completed the OGI study. The work was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

Come along on 12 December to find out:

  • Did London 2012 live up to the legacy promises or has it all been hype?
  • How sustainable were the Games?
  • Was London 2012 the most city-changing Games since Barcelona?
  • Has the Games impacted East London beyond the Park?
  • Was London 2012 good value for money?

Speakers include Michelle Lemaitre, IOC Head of Sustainability, Prof Allan Brimicombe the UEL research lead on OGI, and expert members from the London Legacies Group.

For further details see: Debating_Legacy_flier 12 12 15

The debate starts at 10:30am at UEL’s Stratford Square venue – just a few minutes walk from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Attendance needs to be booked in advance. To secure your place, please email to Dr Yang Li: